Nives Medunjanin Božičević was born in 1980 in Zagreb, Croatia. After graduating from veterinary school, she continues her education at the University of Applied Health Sciences, where she obtains a bachelor's degree in medical laboratory diagnostics and continues to specialize in the field of cytology.

She got her first Siberian Husky in 2005, followed by a passionate study of breeding and bloodlines, which resulted in starting the first online Siberian Husky Pedigree Database in Croatia in 2007. The database focuses on gathering as much information as possible on Croatian-bred Siberians and a large number of dogs from all around the world.

Nives has been an active member of Nordic Club Zagreb since her very beginnings in the breed. In 2009, she became the club's secretary, which made it possible for her to initiate and organize the first FCI Group V Specialty Show in Croatia after a long break. The show has since been traditionally held every year, prior to the Zagreb International shows.

With the arrival of her foundation bitch, Inya June of Siberian Lady, Nives starts a kennel under prefix Inyabu. The dogs she bred are ambassadors of this breed both in Croatia and around the world. Her efforts in the Nordic Club were recognized, and in 2013 she was entrusted with the role of the club's breeding leader, where her duty is to help other breeders with her experience and advice.

In 2016, Nives became the president of Nordic Club Zagreb, a position she holds to this day.

She first became a judge for FCI Group V in 2014, and she continues to further educate herself and expand her knowledge of other breed groups.

As the owner of a super active and energetic breed, she regularly trains and competes with her dogs in various disciplines at both amateur and professional competitions. With the desire to bring that concept to her homeland, together with a group of enthusiasts, she organized the first cross-country racing event with dogs in Croatia, kros DOGađanje "Brze šape", which featured canicross, bikejoring, and scootering.

Nives Medunjanin Božičević is international judge for dogs from ; 

  • I FCI group - all breeds
  • III FCI group - ceski terrier, norfolk terrier, sealyham terrier, australian terrier, japanese terrier, brasilian terierr, manchester terrier, english toy terrier, dandie dimont terrier, staf.bull terrier, american staf.terierr, jack ussel terrier, parson russel terrier, border terierr, german hunting terier
  • IV FCI group - all breeds
  • V FCI group - all breeds
  • VI FCI group - hungarian wirehaired pointer, cesky fousek, braque francais - pyrinees, slovensky hrubosrsty stava
  • X FCI group - all breeds

Nives judged on these shows;

  • CACIB Varaždin, Croatia 17.05.2015.
  • CACIB Rijeka, Croatia 25.02.2017.
  • Siberian husky specialty show Parma, Italy 17.03.2018.
  • CACIB Reggio Emilia, Italy 18.03.2018.
  • CACIB Varaždin, Croatia 26.05.2018.
  • Spitz club specialty show Agard, Hungary, 09.06.2018.
  • CAC Ivanić Grad, Croatia 20.10.2018
  • ÖCNHS-Clubschau Gleisdorf, Austria 05.05.2019.
  • CACIB Umag, Croatia 08.06.2019
  • CACIB Umag, Croatia 09.06.2019
  • CACIB Varaždin, Croatia 13.09.2020
  • CAC Velika Gorica, Croatia, 27.06.2021
  • CAC Samobor, Ladies night, Croatia, 28.08.2021.
  • 2x CAC Bale, Croatia 09. & 10.04.2022
  • CACIB Varaždin, Croatia 14.05.2022
  • CAC Požega, Hrvatska, 21.08.2022
  • Nordic breeds specialty show, Balatonkali, Hungary, 16.09.2022
  • CACIB Karlovac, Croatia, 01.10.2022
  • V FCI group Specialty show, Šid, Serbia, 02.04.2023.
  • CACIB Klagenfurt, Austria 22 & 23.07.2023
  • CACIB Zagreb, Croatia, 25.11.2023
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