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CAC 25.11.2023 & CACIB Zagreb 26.11.2023

The debut of our black Irishman, Nymeria's Straight Outta Compton To Inyabu "Merlin" with the company of his ladyfriend Inyabu La Rubia "Nuka" was more than successful. As I was to busy with organizing Nordic Club specialty show, studying for exams and preparing for judging, there was no time left for practice with young hopes of Inyabu kennel, so our co owners must do everything by them selfs.

A bit skeptical, with what happens, will happen attitude, I couldn't hide my delight when I saw the result. Our co-owners Nikolina Remić & Lara Crvenka have done a superb job with their perservance and hard training. They presented them extremly proffessional and most importantley, completly natural for dogs.

izlozba zg.jpg
Nymeria's Straight Outta Compton To Inyabu "Merlin" won 2x VP1 & BOB Baby!

nuka zg.jpg
 Inyabu La Rubia "Nuka" win 2xVP1 & 2x BOB Puppy!

Judges were Carsten Birk (DK) & Petr Rehanek (CZ). With these results Nuka become
Future hope of Croatia!



New dog in Inyabu family

From the moment we sold our redhead Sansa (Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria), there was an idea that we would get something back from her.

The stars aligned, so that we found perfect co owner family just few days before announcement of her litter. Soooo.... let us introduce to you new baby boy in Inyabu kennel:

Nymeria's Straight Outta Compton To Inyabu "Merlin"
sire: CH. Leorient Flying Solo  dam: JCH. Inyabu Cheeky Fireball At Nymeria


Merlin is owned by Inyabu kennel, Nikolina Remić & Nikola Crvenka
breed in Ireland, Nymeria kennel by Jelena Kapić



4 Rivers Winner - 2x CACIB Karlovac

4 Rivers Winner - double CACIB Karlovac is always place to be!!! Perfect organisation, good judging crew and very good friends, equal good spent time.

This time wecame relaxed, with almost 11 year old veteran JCH, CH Inyabu Sooshka Lee "Sooshka", and new hope from our kennel, Inyabu La Rubia "Nuka", in puppy class.

Sooshka, little overweight but still gorgeus, after six years of dog shows break, was handled by Laura Terzić in breed, and Ivona Krkač in BIS ring, got both days excellent grade.
 It was so nice to see her again, after all of this years. She is coowned with  Anđelka & Ema Mađar.

sooshka veteran buco glava.jpg
our veteran girl - Inyabu Sooshka Lee

And our little bright star Inyabu La Rubia "Nuka", wuth her co owner  je Lara Crvenka, had her debue in the show ring. They won Very Perspective 1st, and were shortlisted in BIS Puppy on Sunday!

What a nice start of show career! Way to go girls!!

nukiii.jpg Nuka i Lara.jpg
Inyabu La Rubia "Nuka" - short listed in  BIS Puppy



2xCAC & CACIB Novi Grad, Bosnia & Herzegovina

After long break, we decidet to show our T-Lesark Ombrellia "Roxy"on two national & one international dog shows in one day.

 By judging Siniša Danjko (BIH), Vasko Mudreša (MNE) i Branislav Rajić (SLO) Roxy got these titles;  3xCAC, 1xCACIB, 2xBOS, BOB i BOG!!!

novigrad2.jpg novigrad1.jpg

With these results Roxy became New champion of Bosnia i Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and the most important New International Champion



Fermoy International Show - Ireland
April 30th 2023

Još jedna odlična vijest iz Irske!

Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" won Green Star, CACIB aaaaaand BOB!!!
Sansa needs just one more, from seven Green Star's to finish adult Ireland Championship!




specka jose.jpgCzech Northern Cup 2023 
2 x Club specialty show
April 29th & 30th 2023

Inyabu No Way, Jose "Joye" was presented on two Czech club shows in Nova Živohošt.

Club shows in Czech Republic traditionaly gathered large number of Siberian huskies, this time 96.

Joye was entered in open class, in which he won 1st place on the first day, winning the CAC, judged by Ivelin Todorov (BUL), while on the second day he was the 2nd, winning the R.CAC, judged by Andrzej Szutkiewicz (POL).



 "L" Inyabu litter is here!!

On March 23rd 2023., our Inyabu Gainey Left Wing "Gainey" gave us  4 lovely puppies.
1 male & 3 female. All puppies are gray and white.

gainey i bebe.jpg
More info in puppies section.



We are expecting puppies in late March 2023

If you are interested in puppy from our kennel, be free to contact us on this mail;
leglo 2023.jpg
puppy pedigree is on this LINK



2x CACIB Rijeka, Hrvatska

Planning to show dogs at CACIB Rijeka is very challenging, because the February weather conditions in that area are very unpredictable. So traveling there we were experienced spring, summer, autumn, heavy rain and huriccane force winds. On the way back we needed to go trough the blizzard.

But it was worth it....

CH Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli" both days won CAC, CACIB i BOB!
With that results she finished another championship in her show career, Croatian championship.

She was shortlisted in BOG competition first day, but we didn't wait big ring on a second day because terrible weather conditions.

And thats not all, after some time we had an opportunity to see our Inyabu No Way, Jose "Joye" (Gibli's son) who lives in Chech Republic.
He had a debue in intermedia class, and won both days CAC & R.CACIB.
Thanks to judges Pierluigi Buratti & Nikola Smolić on high opinion of our dogs.