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Health results

annual eye exam: clear
Gainey head 3.jpg



zagreb ghibli.jpg

Double CACIB Zagreb

We pesented CH Inyabu Ghibli on two international shows in Zagreb. Judges Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk Wierzchowska (PL) & Primož Peer (SLO)graded her with excellent both days with lovely judgment list.

Thanks to my handlers Martini Vuk & Ivoni Krkač for beautiful presentation of our girl.



Cloghran Championship & Sliabhardagh Open Show - Irska

Our copper princess Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" wins again!

At Saturday's Colghran Championship show Sansa won Best of Opposite Sex title and another Green Star, while in Sunday at Sliabhard Open Show she won BOB & BOG!

Judges was; Mrs.C.Dunne & Mr.Tim Galvin

Sansa in lineup for BIS



Breeding licence exam Split

Inyabu Clouds Over Denali, stopped his hiking for a short time and successfully completed breeding licence exam, which was judged by Mr.Vibor Ježek & Mr.Bojan Mataković.

denali hoda.jpg



joseglava13.jpgCACIB Turija &  Bačka Topola 01/02.10.2022

Inyabu No Way, Jose "Joye" spent first days of October in Serbia on two International dog shows. He won 2x PRM,
& BOB and become Junior Champion of Serbia!!
Judges were Petar Mišić & Tamas Jakkel.



IDS Mlada Boleslav, Češka

Inyabu No Way, Jose "Joye" had his first steps in junior class. With judging of Miodrag Vreteničić (MNE) he won his first JCAC & JBOB.

Congratulation to Joye & owner Bary <3

jose 11 mj.jpg
Inyabu No Way Jose - 11 months old



  sansa postolje.jpg

All Breed Championship Show, Clonmel, Ireland

Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" went
out of line up
 of very beautiful juniors from Junior Stakes.
Judge was Guy Jeavons (CA).  

Way to go girl!!!  







Munster International Show, Cork Ireland 23 & 24.07.2022

This weekend "Sansa" Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria had her first steps in adult class with 16 months of age and she won intermedia class both days and reserve Green Star. The judges was Paul Stanton (SE) and Michael Leonard (IRL).
cork1.jpg cork2.jpg



Health results

stella 13 mj.jpg
Inyabu Clouds Over Denali
HD: A , ED:0
Inyabu Coralie
HD:A , ED:0
Inyabu Girly Callygraphy "Callie"
annual eye exam: clear



13.Nordic Club Specialty Show Zagreb

Inyabu Googling Aspen "Aspen" was presented in open class. The judge Stefan Mitrevski (MK) graded him with excellent and CAC.
Few days after this show Aspen become father of 6 beautiful puppies in Slovakian kennel Del Ray De La Montana Blanca.  





CACIB Postojna 11.06.2022

We had one crazy weekend. Just one day before 13th Nordic Club Specialty wich we organize for years, we decided to visit CACIB Postojna.

Literally all day spent in the sun, but with good company of our handler Ivona Krkač everything was much easier and we got some nice results!

Inyabu Ghibli
T-Lesark Ombrellia

By judging M.Mladenović from Serbia Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli" won R.CAC in open class, wile her mother T-Lesark Ombrellia "Roxy" won  CAC, CACIB i BOS from champion class!

With this result Roxy become Slovenian beauty champion!.

Inyabu Ghibli & T-Lesark Ombrellia with me <3



Cork & District All Breed CH Show

Even if she was not in the mood for showing today (just like the wheater), Inyabu Cheeky Fieball at Nymeria "Sansa" went Best Junior female, Best female (Green Star) and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Vytautas Baranauskas.




Navan Club Show, Irska, 22.05.2022

Crvenokose cure opet rasturaju!!

Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" je nastupom na Klupskoj izložbi u Navan-u, osvojila
5. po redu tiulu najljepšeg mladog psa pasmine, te je s time postala Mladi šampion Irske!!!!

Da sreća bude veća, osvojila je i drugu po redu tituu Green Star (najljepša ženka) pa se sigurno kreće i prema odraslom šampionatu.

Osim toga, dan je učinio zanimljivijim i nastup u Junior Stakseu, gdje je Sansa osvojila drugo mjesto!!!

Hvala sucima Bobby Browne (pasminski sudac) & Mervyn Webb (Junior stakes sudac) na visokom mišljenju o našoj curi.

navan sansa.jpg
Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria - New Irish junior champion!



Double Czech Northern Club Show 2022

Our first born black puppy from lastyears "N" litter, Inyabu No Way, Jose "Joye" had his show debue on double Czech Northern Club Show.

For very big number of entered siberian huskies (over 100) we can thank the judges Mrs.Anne Marie Taylor &
Mr.James Taylor from USA.

Joye won very promising, 3rd place both days in big puppy class.

Inyabu No Way, Jose "Joye" is owned and handled by Bary Grdinova.



sansa green star.jpg

South Tipperary All Breed CH Show 01.05.2022

The same day, Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria
"Sansa" and her owner Jelena, continued their Ireland dog show crusaide. This time the judge was Kevin,  Young (UK). Sansa won best junior female, best female and Green Star title.

With this result Sansa is one more step closer to Ireland Junior Champion title, and with her first Green Star she started her adult championship.



Euro Dog Show Paris 2022

Our Irish girl Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa", presented Inyabu breeding in Euro Dog show in Paris. She got excellent in very strong and big junior class of 19 females!

Judge was Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (Romania)

sansa euro dog.jpg sansa euro1.jpg

Thanks to Sansa's owner, Jelena Kapić Čavar on excellent conditioning and presenting her Inyabu girl.



Combined Canine Club
All Breed International Championship Dog Show

Inyabu Cheeky Fireball At Nymeria "Sansa" won JCAC & Reserve Gren Star (reserve best female) under judge Natalja Skalin (Sweden).

sansa 1 god.jpg

She erarned anther point to her JCH, good girl!



Health results

thor glava od naprijed 2.jpg
annual eyes exam: eyes clear annual eyes exam: eyes clear



National & International dog show Valladolid, Spain
02.04. & 03.04.2022.

Our black storm, Inyabu Nevera "Lexa" had her first presentation on two dog shows in Spain. Both days Lexa won her puppy class and become BOB Puppy. Later on she was awarded with R.BOG Puppy title first, and BOG Puppy title the second day.

nevera bog puppy.jpg

CAC Valladolid 02.04.2022
Inyabu Nevera
puppy class
VP1, BOB Puppy, R.BOG Puppy
judge: Anca Diana Giura (RO)
CACIB Valladolid 03.04.2022
Inyabu Nevera
puppy class
VP1, BOB Puppy, BOG Puppy
judge: Perttu Stahlberg (FIN)

Congratulation to Lexa's owner & handler Alfredo Marcano Fernandez!



Navan & St.Patrick's International Dog Show - Ireland

We have excellent show news from Ireland!
Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" had her debue in junior class. She act like a pro and accomplished awsome results!
Navan International Dog Show - 19.03.2022.
  • Best Junior Bitch, Junior BOB, Reserve Green Star (reserve best female)
  • shortlisted in 4 best females in Junior Sweepstakes
  • Celtic Junior Winner 2022
  • Qualified for Crufts 2023
St.Patrick's International Dog Show - 20.03.2022.
  • Best Junior Bitch, Junior BOB, Reserve Green Star (reserve best female)
She was too tierd for Junior Sweepstakes so they skipped that, girl need some rest.
Sansa is owned, groomed & handled by Jelena Kapic Cavar - Nymeria kennel

Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" & her owner Jelena Kapic Cavar



Sarajevo Winter Shows 26. & 27.02.2022

5 months after her first litter, we decidet to show our Inyabu Ghibli in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Trip and handling of our girl was trusted to handler Martina Vuk.

Although this was the first time Ghibli's separation from us, Martina made great contact with Ghibli, and they looked simply perfect in the ring.

The efford paid off, and Ghibli became Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, winning:

  • exc. 1/2, CAC, BOB, judge: Vibor Ježek
  • exc. 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in BOG, judge: Vojislav Al Daghistani
  • exc. 1/2, CAC, best adult female, judge: Stefan Šinko
  • exc. 1/2, CAC, judge: Petru Muntean
  • exc. 2/2, R.CAC, judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo

ghibli s mala.jpg
Inyabu Ghibli - New champion of Bosnia & Herzegovina



Our tragedy

Even in my worst dreams, I could not imagine that we would start this year with such bad news. Everything somehow seemed perfect. The uneasy year 2021, ful of self-isolation has finally passed and we got the best out of it - 2 beautiful litters from which we co-owned the two best females.

We could hardly wait begining of dog show season in Croatia. We planned, intensively trained, and found ideal friends in ours co-owners, but everything disappeared, as if wiped by hand in just 2 minutes.

That damn Tuesday, I got 2 phone calls, the first was from Dunja, Leya's (Inyabu Cataleya) co-owner. Leya escaped from the yard and was hit by a car, she is alive but needs vet urgently. As soon as I finished this conversation, another call comes ... its Marina ... says that our Blue (Inyabu Na'Vi) is no longer alive..... at one unfortunate moment she tore herself out of the leash and ended up under the wheels of the van ...

 I know, accidents happen, especially to crazy huskies, whose hearts and spirit are sometimes more intense than the reality in which they live, but there are no words to describe how much this has broken us.

RIP Inyabu Na'Vi "Blue"
28.09.2021 - 01.02.2022 free little girl...and don't jump on angels....

In the days that followed, the main preoccupation was fighting for Leya’s life. Leya suffered major injuries to the back end, sciatic bone broken into 4-5 pieces, pubic bone and tail broken. Unfortunately, from X-ray, it was already clear that the tail had to be amputated. I must thank the professional team of veterinarians at the Vet Point Veterinary Clinic for their effort and knowledge, and for the new opportunity for Leya.

 Leya is slowly recovering, she got back the urination reflex, which we had lost for a few days and as things stand now, she will be able to live a good life. For us, she is most likely unusable flor breeding, due her pelvic injuries, but after all we will be satisfied only with the fact that she is alive, and that in time she will be able to hike again with her co-owners. Unfortunately Blue and her co-owners were not so lucky. :-(

leya objava.jpg
Inyabu Cataleya "Leya"