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All Breed Champion Show - Navan, Ireland

Our exported girl Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa", 7 months old, went to puppy class and won it with style gaining very perspective 1st, after that she was runinng for Best Bitch and Green Star (CAC) and she ended up 2nd, winning Reserve Green Star (R.CAC)!!!

Judge was Vincent O'Brien. Also she was shortlisted in Puppy Swepstakes.


Thanks to Jelena Kapić, Sansa's owner for keeping her in such a good condition and loving her so much!



Međunaodna trka zaprega pasa Novi Kneževac

Our Slovenian girl, Inyabu Gainey Left Wing "Gainey" paticipated in her very first race. The International dog sled race was held in Novi Kneževac, Serbia and Gainey competed in bikejoring with 1 dog category. With her co-owner Aci Šnajdar, Gainey won 4th place!!!

Inyabu Gainey Left Wing



4 Rivers dog show - double CACIB Karlovac 16. & 17.10.2021.

International dog show in Inyabu Cataleya's city, came tu us like odered for practice little girl's show ring manner.

She came in absolutley beautiful full coat, but the problem was her happy jupming and nibbling the show line, so we had an accelerated course of  nice walking in frot of the ring.

Despite everything, Leya performed well enough to delight judges Slavoljub Andrić (SRB) & Cristian Stefanescu (RO) in breed ring, and BIS Puppy judges Luis Catalan (PT) & Tijana Konrad (SRB). Leya won very perspective - 1st and she was shortlsted in BIS Puppy ring for both days.

With this results Leya becomes New Hope of Croatia!!!

leya postolje1.jpg
Inyabu Cataleya "Leya" - VP1, shortlisted in BIS Puppy ring
"Top quality female. Excellent condition. A great hope for the breed."
judge: Chistian Stefanescu (RO)

On Sunday, another Inyabu girl joined Leya, Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie". Led by the talented handler Ivona Krkač, Callie dominated the breed ring mr. Christian Stefanescu (RO) and won CAC, CACIB & BOB!
Later in a BIS ring, judge Oliver Šimon (HR), proclameid her Best dog in V FCI group (BOG)!!

postolje kali.jpg
Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie" - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG!!!

With this result Callie become New Champion of Croatia!



Litter "N" is here!!

On September 28th 2021, our Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli" give us 6 lovely puppies.

4 males - all black and white
2 females - 1 gray white, 1 black white

1 dan N leglo.jpg

More in Puppies section.



We are expecting puppies in October 2021

If you are interested in puppy from our kennel, be free to contact us on this mail;

najava Ghibli Snats+ch mala.jpg



CAC & double CACIB Postojna 16., 17. & 18.07.2021.

Inyabu Gainey Left Wing "Gainey", our co-owned  working girl  was presented on 3 dog shows in Postojna, Slovenia. Quite big number of siberian husky entries was judged by;  Špela Briški Cirman (SLO), Mirsad Miko Šabanović (BIH) & Blaž Kavčić (SLO). Gainey won excellent grade, 3rd place in intermedia class.

Gainey was beautifuly presented by Sara Rovan.

Inyabu Gainey Left Wing "Gainey" - excellent, III.



Double CACIB Varaždin 10. & 11.07.2021.

The first International dog show in Croatia after a break of, what seemed like a hundred years, we could hardly wait, like most other breeders and exhibitors, so the number of registered huskies was quite large, which made the show very interesting, and our desire for good performance even more bigger.
We entered Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie" in intermedia, her litter sister Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli" in open class for both days, while we distributed our young hopes, Inyabu Cateleya "Leya" and Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa", one on each day, so that they both can experience dog show  for the first time, without competing with each other.
On Saturday, the breed was judged by specialist Mr.Franjo Kovačev (HR), and on Sunday by all rounder Mr.Alberto Cuccillato (I).

Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie" although completely hairless, on the first day she won intermedia class and won the CAC, while on the second day she was runner-up with the title of R.CAC.

kali.jpg kali1.jpg
Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie" - CAC & R.CAC

Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli", was second in her class on both days, winning 2 x R.CAC. Since the title of the most beautiful adult bitch(CACIB) and the Best of breed was won by a female who beat Ghibli in the open class, she competed for R.CACIB with the winners of the intermediate class and champion class. On both days Ghibli won the title of R.CACIB.

ghiblijurica.jpg ghiblijurica1.jpg
Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli" - 2 R.CAC, 2 x R.CACIB

Inyabu Cataleya "Leya", the girl we kept from the last litter in co-ownership, although completely without ring training, very quickly realized what she need to do, and left us all breathless.  After winning the competition of baby class in the breed ring, she was declared Best in Show Baby (BIS baby) by judgement of  Brigite Kremser (SLO).

leya rozeta.jpg leya ring.jpg

leya postolje.jpg
Inyabu Cataleya "Leya"  - BIS BABY !!!

On the second day Leya's sister "Sansa" or Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria repeated her success in the breed ring, and she was shortlisted in the 6 most beautiful babies in the BIS ring by judgement  Alenka Pokorn (SLO).

sansa pokret.jpg
Inyabu Cheeky Fireball at Nymeria "Sansa" - VP, I., shortlisted in BIS Baby!



CAC Samobor i Sveta Nedelja

meve ghibli.jpg

Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli"  - open class - excellent, I., CAC

judge: Denis Kuzelj (SLO)



CAC Zagreb 13.06.2021.

We presented 3 dogs form our "G litter, on National dog show held in Zagreb, Jarun Inyabu Googling Aspen "Aspen", Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie" & Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli".

By judgement Mr. Igor Selimović (HR), they accomplished following results;

18 mj aspen.jpg

Inyabu Googling Aspen "Aspen" - intermedia - excellent, II., R.CAC

18 mj kali.jpg

Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie" - intermedia - excellent, I., CAC

18 mj ghibli.jpg
Inyabu Ghibli "Ghibli" - open class - excellent, I., CAC



12th Nordic Club Specialty Show

The first show in Croatia, after a long break due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, was attended by three dogs from Inyabu kennel, Inyabu Raveena "Hera", Inyabu Googling Aspen "Aspen" & Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie".

For Hera and Aspen, this was first show, while Callie was already introduced in show world last year in the puppy class.

Inyabu Googling Aspen "Aspen" won the CAC, Club Winner and Best of Opposite Sex, from the intermedia class.

asizl1.jpg asizl11.jpg

Inyabu RaveenaHera” won the CAC in the open class. She was presented by her owner, Žana Gojević, who despite of their inexperience, did a great job, and the girls looked awsome.

hera.jpg heratrk1.jpg

And sugar at the end, Inyabu Girly Calligraphy "Callie", from the intermediate class won CAC, Club Winner and at the end the title of the Most Beautiful Dog of the special exhibition BISS !!!


There are no words to describe how proud I am of my furry children <3



Health results

We made X-ray elbows and hips of 3 dogs from "G" litter and they all have awsome results!!

aspen 18 mj.jpg
IMG_9752.jpg kali18 mj.jpg
Inyabu Googling Aspen
Inyabu Gainey Left Wing
Inyabu Girly Calligraphy



Welcome Inyabu "C" litter!

Our T-Lesark Ombrellia "Roxy" gave us another lovely litter.
We have 2 strong gray white males & 3 beautiful girls (2 gray white, 1 copper white).

girl2, girl1, girl3, boy1 & boy2

We have one girl free for co-ownership agreement!

If you are interested in puppy from our kennel, contact us to see plans for next year.



We are expecting puppies in April 2021

If you are interested in puppy from our kennel, be free to contact us on this mail;

mala nives.jpg



Breeding exam Zagreb

After great health results, our Inyabu Ghibli, by the assessment of two all rounder judges, Vibor Ježek and Jasna Matejčić, got her breeding license.

iva i ghibli.jpg

Ghibli was presentet by stylish young lady Iva Jagečić.



Health results

After shitty year, corona, isolation's and countless earthquakes in Croatia, lets start 2021 with some good health results from our doggies;

Inyabu Ghibli
first eyes check up
eyes; clear
X Ray results
  T-Lesark Ombrellia "Roxy"
annual eyes check up
eyes; clear
IMG_7203.jpg   IMG_7207.jpg
Happy New Year to all!