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CACIB Celje 08.12.2012 & CACIB Winter Winner 09.12.2012

In order to become a Slovenian Champion, one has to win CAC-SLO 4 times, with a minimum of 366 days between the first and the last title.

As Inya won her first two CAC-SLO titles in November last year in Vrtojba, this year's double CACIB Celje show in December was our first chance to seal the deal.

Knowing that Inya would be in her best "winter coat" during this period, we didn't think twice whether we should enter her or not. As was the case in Vrtojba, guided by the old proverb, "don't change the winning horse", we chose Lea Bartoš for Inya's presentation.

Thinking that nothing could stand in our way, I have to admit we were quite unpleasantly surprised glancing through the window just before the travel.

Outside, everything was white, the snow had been falling all night, without any intention to stop. Usually, at every mention of snow I would leave the car at home and go by public transportation, but with Lea's support, I decided to drive through the blizzard. And the adventure has begun.

Snow, ice, fog... and all the other winter joys...
Wipers on the windshield - broken, rear window heaters - not working, 30 cm snow on the road, of course there were no snow plows nor chains for tires - we did not know to put them on..
the average speed of the vehicle: 20-30 km/h... we needed 4 and a half hours for 115km!


First day we literally ran out of the car into the ring, and won everything we could. Judge Maja Golob (SLO) awarded Inya a CAC title in champion class, and later on CACIB and Best of Breed !!!

In the afternoon, we represented our breed in the most numerous group in the show - FCI V. In a blink of an eye, Inya was already standing on the podium. Judge Zlatko Kraljić (HR) placed her 3rd in the group (3rd BOG)!!

lea inya 2 dan.jpglea inya 1 dan.jpgInya June of Siberian Lady - excellent, I., CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3rd BOG

Second day, new show, new judges. Getting another CAC-SLO meant closing the Slovenian championship for Inya, and that CAC was all I thought about.

Lea just smiled and said: "... CAC? Don't be crazy..we look like a million dollars..."

Girls closed the Slovenian Championship in style!!!!

With judging of Mrs.Špela Briški Cirman (SLO), Inya repeated yesterday's success, winning CAC, CACIB and BOB, while in the big ring judge Orietta Zilli (I) declared Inya the most beautiful dog in FCI V group (BOG)!

And when we thought that our happiness doesn't have an end, judge August de Wilde (B) placed our Inya on a throne. He awarded her with Reserve Best in Show title!!!!

I would like to thank Inya's breeder Mirjana Prpić - Siberian Lady kennel, for this beautiful bitch, and most of all, thanks to miss Lea Bartoš for friendship, professionalism, and excellent grooming & handling. Without her, this would not have been possible!!!


Img_2218.jpgInya June of Siberian Lady - excellent, I., CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, R.BIS!!!!
New champion of Slovenia!!!!



Show Dog Leads Zagreb by Natasa

..."Everyone who decides to show a dog, at one point has to choose the right show lead. Long or short, thick or thin, with an adequate collar, good show lead connects and coordinates handler and the dog, making it possible to show in the best way, emphasizing dog's best qualities. While showing, it is most important that you feel good!"...


These are the opening words of the website Show Dog Leads by Natasa, that truly describe what the show leash mean, while we presenting our dogs. Nataša Kovačić, our dear friend, recently started creating a unique show leads that truly thrilled me. 

From today, we beacame a proud owners of one beautiful show lead which was made specifically for our Inya. Show lead colored like hers light gray coat with a pale pink crystals and little elegant shine, will raise Inya's presentation to a higher level.

If you also want to own one, please feel free to contact Natasa.

Until then, enjoy the gallery.



17th Northern Breeds Meeting Dunaharaszti 2012

For the second year in a row, our small Croatian team, visited the 17th Northern Breeds Meeting Dunaharaszti 2012 in Hungary.

Our team was twice as numerous than last year, consisted of 6 two-legged and 6 four-legged

Nives Medunjanin & Danijel Tomašić with Inya (Inya June of Siberian Lady - siberian husky HR10371 SH) and Luppo (Boo Boo - siberian husky HR10316 SH) 

Gordan Petričić & Nataša Popović with Ita (Discworld Ayita Honehe - siberian husky HR 10370 SH)

Martina Veselčić with Arwen (Bora Bora of Bordertreowe - border collie HR 10363 BOC) and Bibi (Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe - border collie HR 10391 BOC)

and Lea Bartoš with Lara (Oralee Mon L'ami - small poodle)

We have won some excellent results!!

Discipline: Cani cross men  - 2.5km
Danijel Tomašić & Inya June of Siberian Lady - 2nd place


Discipline: Cani cross woman - 2.5km
Nives Medunjanin & Luppo (Boo Boo) - 4th place

luppo trk.jpgluppo trk1.jpg

Discipline: Triatlon men - 200 m swimming, 2.5 km canicross and 2.5 km bikejöring
Gordan Petričić & Inya June of Siberian Lady - 2nd place

goc prije triatlona.jpginya pliva.jpg

Gordan and Inya held first place until the last few meters of the bikejöring discipline, where the lead and later on the 1st place in triatlon, took Inya's brother Ed (Indian Legend of Siberian Lady).

goc inya trce.jpggoc Inya bicikl.jpg

Border collie Arwen (Bora Bora of Bordertreowe) surprised us with her talent for cani cross. She literally dragged her owner Martina to the excellent 6th place, while our hosts, Agnes Karl & László Domonkos where 3rd with their silver team in C1 category (4 dogs in a cart).


Bibi and Lara bought equipment for the next year, and our whole team where excellent in "Who will be 1st in eating sausage" contest , ... little Lara would certainly beat every dog in this, but the sausage was just too big for her little muzzle :-))

Thank you guys for such a wonderful weekend!!!

You can see more pictures in gallery.



CAC Karlovac 08.09.2012.

After our good friends Nataša & Gordan moved to Karlovac, the town on four rivers, it became our frequent destination for field trips.

Since we have been visiting the city almost every weekend of our vacation, it didn't take us long to find the show place.

maaaarkooo.jpgOrganization was excellent, large rings located in shade, and weather was beautiful… sun and pleasant temperature.

Although not in her full coat, Inya was looking great. Competition of 9 siberians from different countries (Hungary, Austria) surprised us, but Inya's handler Marko Krznarić didn't seem to mind.

As always, he showed Inya with great confidence. Judge Dubravka Reicher (HR) awarded her with CAC in the champion class, and soon after that Best Of Breed!!



11.08.2012. CAC Sinj & CAC Knin

Finally the vacation time has come. Although most Nordic breeds are usually bald in August, our Inya has kept more or less decent coat, so during the visit to my grandmother in Knin, we decided to show Inya one more time.

Clubs of Sinj & Knin organized two shows in one day. Solid shade in Sinj during the day, and beautiful stadium in Knin in the evening, together with renowned judges and strong competition in Nordic breeds, made these shows very interesting.

And good results were there too. Along with beautiful descriptions from both judges, our Inya has won 2 x excellent & CAC in champion class, and also BOB (Best Of Breed) in Sinj.


                                                                                    photo by: Nina Žubrinić

CAC Sinj 11.08.2012.(day show) CAC Knin 11.08.2012. (night show)
Inya June of Siberian Lady
Inya June of Siberian Lady
champion class
champion class
judge: Tino Pehar (HR) judge: Stefan Šinko (SLO)
handler: Nikolina Pezelj
handler: Nikolina Pezelj
excl., I., CAC, BOB excl., I., CAC



Special dog show for all dogs from V FCI group Panonija Apatin 06.05.2012.

Our good friends and loyal exhibitors at our annual Nordic Club Show have invited us to their own FCI group V specialty show, held in Apatin (Serbia).

Although I immediately forwarded the invitation to all our members, it turned out that the date of the show was not very lucky - exactly that same weekend chrism ceremonies were held in Croatia, and most of the members had family obligations.

Despite that, we managed to gather a small group of exhibitors. Colors of Nordic Club were represented by our Inya June of Siberian Lady and a young hope of Discworld kennel - Kakastavi Elden at Discworld (Deco).

We didn't return empty handed. Under Mr. Bratislav Milošević (SRB) our Inya who was entered in champion class, won CAC, Club Winner and BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)!













Inya June of Siberian Lady - excl., I., CAC, Club Winner, BOS!!!

Little Deco (Kakastavi Elden at Discworld) also made a successful appearance in the ring, handled by me. He won VP1 and 3rd place in puppy BISS.

bob i bos.jpgIndian Legend of Siberian Lady & Inya June of Siberian Lady - BOB & BOS!!!

At the very end, Best Of Breed title and R.BISS went to Inya's litterbrother Indian Legend of Siberian Lady, which made us all very happy. As people say… everything stays in the family. :-)



4xCACIB Zadar 28/29/30.04. & 01.05.2012.

Trip to Zadar and showing Inya at 4 international dog shows in Zadar was already in our planner for quite some time. Zadar, perfectly organized show in a beautiful camp with lots of shade, remained in our memory from the time we still showed Luppo. Back then, CACIB Zadar was held as a weekend show. Now, knowing that we have the chance to hear opinion from four different judges, made us even more excited.

However, as it sometimes happens when you have it all planned, something comes up and turns it around. My vacation request was denied. Shock and disappointment struck me. I started thinking about options that I have, or more precisely - don't have. It seemed hopeless. And then, just like sunshine behind the cloud… one little facebook post by a young girl returned smile to my face.

The girl's name was Nikolina Pezelj. For a few years I've been following her work with dogs and excellent presentation. I knew she was a dog handler, and somehow I remembered she lived in Zadar. One phonecall, and the deal was done. She was very nice, simple and trustworthy.

Few days later Inya was in Nikolina's hands, with help of Nikola Glavinić, other half of N&N handling team.

28.04.2012. CACIB Zadar


trk zadar.jpg








On the first day Nikolina already justified my trust in her. She and Inya ruled the ring like they were always together. Judge Joan Walsh (IRL) awarded Inya with excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Later that day, Inya represented her breed in the big ring. Among all the winners from V FCI group , Mrs. Walsh ranked Inya second (R.BOG)!!!!

                           Inya June of Siberian Lady - excl. ,I., CAC, CACIB, BOB, R.BOG!!!!

29.04.2012. CACIB Zadar

Second day, judge Revaz Khomasuridze from Russia gave Inya excellent and put her on the second place in the champion class.

30.04.2012. CACIB Zadar

Third day, N&N team decided for a little change. This time Inya was handled by Nikola Glavinić. He showed her with great confidence to the judge Petru Muntean (RO), who soon pronounced her the best adult bitch, awarding her with excellent I., CAC and CACIB!

With this result, Inya has fulfilled all the conditions for International Champion!!!!












Inya June of Siberian Lady - excl., I., CAC, CACIB, she became International champion!!!

01.05.2012. CACIB Zadar

Last of the four days, Inya was again presented by Nikolina, this time to the judge John Walsh (IRL). Along with CAC title for the best champion bitch, Inya also won R.CACIB.

After exciting week spent in Zadar, Inya finally returned home on Sunday late afternoon. Like she's never even been anywhere, she comfortably laid in her basket and fell asleep.


Sincere thanks to N&N team, Nikolina Pezelj & Nikola Glavinić, for professionally done job. I'm sure we will cooperate again :-)



Ophtalmic Examination

In veterinarian clinic "Ljubimac", with expert review of Vlatka Antonija Csik, we made ​​a full ophthalmological examination for our Inya June of Siberian Lady.

Result: eyes clear, with examination of both eyes of the dog, we didn't find any patological or degenerative changes.



CACIB Zagreb 03.03.2012.

the show season in Croatia begins with CACIB Zagreb.

Although completely without a coat, judge Lenka Frnčova from Czech Republic described our Inya beautifully giving her excellent and R.CAC title in champion class.

We had some good company by the ring, ​​Inya's gorgeous brother  Ed (Indian Legend of Siberian Lady) who  won R.CAC and R.CACIB (valid) on second day of the CACIB Zagreb.

With this result, he became International champion.

Many thanks to Ed's owners Agi and Laci (Northspring kennel) for great company and beautiful pictures, and of course our Lea Bartoš for perfect handling.

right photo by: DB Arctic BD Jasińscy

DB Arctic BDnet.jpg