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Breeding Review Zagreb, 26.11.2011.

Polygon of Club for training sporting and service dogs - KOSSP Zagreb
judges: Nataša Blanuša and Jasna Matejčić

from Regulation of breeding and registration of dogs:

 ".... breeding exam is obligatory for all breeeds, males and females, with which we want to breed within the Croatian Kennel Club ...

 ... on each breeding review committee must be a minimum of two judges ...

 ....breeding values are estimates by the external appearance and condition of a dog, ancestors, descendants, prizes, temperament, working tests, HD recording hip, while satisfying the minimum criteria for getting a breeding value ...

 ... result of the breeding examination (passed / failed) will be entered in the pedigree special seal, which shall be clearly visible on the pedigree ...."

Inya got her breeeding licence!!



CACIB Zagreb 20.11.2011.

After a bit exhausting friday and another successfully organized 3rd Nordic Club Specialty, on Sunday we manage to groomed Inyas full coat we participated on CACIB ZAGREB 20.11.2011.

The effort paid off and Inya was shinening again.

With the steady hand of our dear friend Marko Krznarić, Judge Paul Stanton (S) declared Inya most beautiful bitch in the champion class, and he awarded her with the CAC and R. CACIB.


The only thing that we could heare outside the ring whas the words: love, love, love ... everyone commented; what a wonderful relationship they have ..

Marko thank you so much for handling!



CACIB Vrtojba and Šempeter 12/13.11.2011

Two international shows + very freezing accommodation + only one croissant and coffee for breakfast / two crazy roommates Lea Bartoš and Lara = one very funny weekend in Slovenia

I still can't stop laughing.

And, yes of course we got some great results. With two winning in champion bitch class our Inya has opened her third championship title.

Inya 1.jpgInya 2.jpgphotos by: Sophies Pearl and Polar Knight

With such a beautiful photos, you probably already presume that Inya's groomer and handler was miss Lea Bartoš!!!

Thank you girls for wonderful time!

CACIB Vrtojba 12.11.2011. 
CACIB Šempeter 13.11.2011.
Inya June of Siberian Lady
Inya June of Siberian Lady
champion class
champion class
judge: Peter Harsany (H)
judge: Matti Touiminen (FIN)




23. 24. & 25.09.2011.
Northern Breeds Meeting and Clubshow Dunaharaszti 2011

After several years of planning, delays and re-planning, with urging of Northspring team, we  finally visited a traditional Northern breeds meeting and Clubshow in Dunaharaszti - Hungary. My dad's big car, crammed stuff, Pistachio Metallic CD, Nataša, Gordan, me and three silly siberians (Luppo, Inya i Ita) from behind  and the fun has began.

We have tried almost all the activities that we can imagine (pulling cart, canicross, triathlon, who will eat sausage faster, passing between the cones with the ball in the spoon and much more) and got very nice results!!

Canicross women (2.5km - 2 races)
Nives Medunjanin and Inya June of Siberian Lady - 2nd place
Nataša Popović and Discworld Ayita Honehe - 3rd place


Triathlon (200 meters swimming, 2.5km canicross i 2.5km bikeyöring)
Gordan Petričić and Inya June of Siberian Lady - 3rd place


After these activites we presented our Inya in Club Show wich was held within the meeting, on 24th of Semptember2011. Despite having participated in many local activities, she attracted the attention with her temperament and perfect coat.
By judge György Tesics, Inya was ranked as the second from five females and was awarded with title R.CAC.


I would like to thank Agi i Laci from Northspring team, for everything they did for us, Susan (Kakastavi) for bicycle and all other Hungarian friends for hospitality!!!



CAC Samobor 27.08.2011. & CAC Trbovlje 28.08.2011

Two CAC shows - two different countries - one weekend.
After long summer break, Inya is in the ring again!!!

National exhibition - CAC Samobor took place very near our hometown Zagreb. Great homely atmosphere was complemented by the huge camp with familiar people. Vera and Gamsi, Nina, Lea and Lara, and the most important Marko Krznarić.

While Lea was responsible for the moral support and the final touch, we entrusted to Marko for the most demanding task; keep Inya fit, do the perfect grooming and most importantly show her in the best light to judge Stelios Makaritis (GR).

Marko took his task very seriously and did it perfectly. In the competition of 12 huskies, Inya won her fifth Best of Breed title, and second place in V FCI group (R. BOG)!!!


Second day in Trbovlje Inya won excellent description and R.CAC by judge Jadranka Mijatović (HR).



We have performed X-ray examination of Inya's hips and elbows

Results are HD:A (healthy hips),  ED:0 (healthy elbows)




23.04.2011. CACIB Odžaci

Showing Inya at CACIB Odžaci, one of the most beautiful international dog shows in Serbia, was our big wish. However, it seemed impossible. For various private reasons we were not able to travel, so there was only one solution left - to send Inya with someone.

The choice fell on our dear friends Davor and Marina Ivić. Siberian Lady team was waiting at the destination and took wonderful care of Inya's presentation.

Judge Elena Agafonova (RUS) awarded Inya with excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOS!!! With these results Inya has fulfilled all the conditions for Serbian Champion!!

I would like to thank all my friends who helped us on the way to this success, especially Lea Bartoš for perfect handling... again :-)


Inya June of Siberian Lady - exc,I.,CAC,CACIB
New Serbian champion!!



CAC Virovitica 17.04.2011.

Inya vt2.jpg

What a great weekend for us!!!

We were delighted to hear that Virovitica Canine association is organizing their first national allbreed dog show. As it always goes, time just flew from the moment we filled the entry form until we arrived at the show.

This time Inya entered the ring with Lea Bartoš - Siberian Lady handler. The girls simply ruled the showring.

Judged by Nataša Blanuša (HR) Inya  won exc.I., CACBEST OF BREED and BEST OF V FCI GROUP title!!!!!!

With this result Inya became new Croatian champion!!


Many thanks to the judge Nataša Blanuša (HR), Danijel - my significant other for moral support, Danijel and Ivana from Danivas kennel  for great company, Mirjana - Inya's breeder, and most of all thanks to Lea Bartoš - the best hendler in the whole world who always gets the best from Inya.


                                    Inya June of Siberian Lady - exc, I., CAC, BOB, BOG!!!!!
                                                    CHAMPION OF CROATIA!!!



CAC Rovinj 02.04.2010.

Spring has finally arrived, and with it the first open exhibition - CAC Rovinj. We entered unexpectedly, at the last moment. A brief conversation with the crew from Discworld kennel and satisfied look at Inya's still beautiful fur, resulted with a very quick decision. We're going to Rovinj.

Crowded car, Disworld (Vera, Natasha, Honey and Gams) and Inyabu girls (Inya and I), sunny and warm weather created great mood and relaxing atmosphere.


After the judging, apart from having a good time we had another reason for celebration . Judge Barbka Novak (SLO), has awarded Inya with excellent I., CAC and BOB, and the young hope of Discworld kennel Discworld Onida Miakoda - Gamsi won VP 1 and BOB baby.



05. & 06.03.2011. - double CACIB Zagreb

As every year, show season in Croatia opens with double spring CACIB Zagreb.
Two shows in one weekend and dear guests from the Siberian Lady team (Mirjana, Lea and Elly May - Inya's half sister), where guarantee for a good time.

The first day judge Mrs. Ligita Zake (LAT), gave our Inya great description and titles   CAC and R.CACIB.

Second day, with judging by Boris Špoljarić (HR), Inya repeated success in intermedia class winning her second CAC in Croatia.

With these results Inya opened Croatian championship.

Our guest, Inya's older half-sister - Elly May of Siberian Lady was really ruled the show ring and won BOB for both days, and on Sunday she was fully deserved declared for BEST IN SHOW dog!

Congratulation to Siberian Lady team for this fantastic result.



CACIB GRAZ 26.02.2011.

We have great show news!

At CACIB Graz - Austria our Inya won CAC, CACIB and BOB, in tough competition of 36 Siberian Huskies!

Unfortunately, due to a failure of the organizer, we couldn't compete in the big ring - judging in the breed ring lasted too long and the BIS program went on without us :(

But we are very very happy with Inya's extraordinary success.


I would like to thank judge Angela Dohnal (A) for recognizing Inya's beauty, Mirjana Prpić - the breeder, but most of all I would like to thank miss Lea Bartoš for perfect grooming and presentation!!! Without you this wouldn't have been possible.