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CAC Koprivnica 19.09.2010.

A week after double CACIB Osijek, we headed to Koprivnica, to attend the 11th National all breed dog show organized by Kennel Association Koprivnica.

Like most exhibitors we were reviewing the website with weather forecasts daily, hoping for improved forecast ... but there was no improvement. The rain did not stop falling for three days. But, I'm of those people who are not willing to give up without a fight, so I bought a new rubber boots and decided to deal with bad weather.

Rain was falling relentlessly .. ground was completely soaked with water and mud to the ankles, but it was surprisingly easy to tolerate because we were surrounded by cheerful faces of our friends and family who where cheering for us in our quest.

Judge Babrka Novak (SLO) described Inya with very beautiful words, and gave her the titles PRM, JBOB and BOB! By winning her third PRM title, Inya fulfilled all requirements to become a Young Croatian Champion!!!


Delight for winning BOB and closing young Croatian championship was even bigger when judge Refet Hadzic chose Inya into 5 finalists for JBIS.

I do not even have to mention how much we are proud of our Inya.

On the same day another dog from Siberian lady kennel also had brilliant sucess. Inyin brother, Indian Legend of Siberian Lady (owner: Northspring kennel) at CACIB Backa Topola won PRM, junior BOB and 3rd JBIS, and by this titles he fulfilled all requirement s to become a Young Serbian Champion. In addition to already achieved  title of Young Champion of Hungary, this is his second young championship.



Double CACIB Osijek  11/12 September 2010

As autumn arrived, the time has come for Inya's first presentation in junior class.

CACIB Osijek, the most beautiful autumn exhibition in Croatia at the Copacabana, this time was made in its dual form. Two CACIB shows in one weekend attracted many exhibitors, so our Inya found herself in serious competition for the first time.

On Saturday judge for siberian huskies was Darko Korošec (SLO). By his judgement Inya won PRM, JBOB beating two young ladies in junior class and best junior male. That is not all, to our delight she also entered the finals for BOB with CACIB winner male.


On Sunday, she won PRM again by judge Maja Korošec (SLO), so now we need only one PRM more to finish Inya's Young Croatian Championship.



2nd Club Champoinship for V FCI group


It's my honor to inform you that Nordic Club Zagreb continues with its tradition, and that on Friday,
19th November together with double CACIB Zagreb 20th and 21st November 2010 they are organizing 2nd Championship for Spitz and primitive type breeds.

Details and online entries available HERE.
This is link for on line entries


Nives Medunjanin +385 (0)91 511 92 85
ENTRY DEADLINE: 15.10.2010.

General sponsor of this show is INTRADE




CACIB Varaždin

For the last Inya's presentation in puppy class, we chose the last day of spring, and participated in one of most beautiful dog show in Croatia, CACIB Varaždin.

V FCI group was judged by Gianfranco Bauchal (I).

Inya  won VP1 - BOB Puppy once again.



06.06.2010. CAC Velika Gorica

Another weekend, another show, another beautiful description and VP1 - BOB Puppy for Inya by judge Željka Fon Zidar (SLO) on CAC Velika Gorica.

novos.jpg novost.jpg



30.05.2010. CAC Novi Marof

A week after Umag, we continued with our series of dog shows. This time, we participated in CAC Novi Marof. Judge Dubravka Reicher (HR) gave our Inya VP1- best female puppy with excellent description and compliments. After the breed ring, she repeated success in Best in show ring where she was chosen for BEST IN SHOW Puppy, by judge Vibor Ježek (HR)!


Our joy was even bigger when we heard that the same weekend was equally successful for Inya's closest relatives.
Inya's mother, beautiful CH. Misty May of Siberian Lady on 29.5.2010 CACIB Sivac won CAC, CACIB, BOB and R. BOG, while Inya's sister Ivy May of Siberian Lady won BOB Puppy and Puppy R. BIS. The success was repeated the following day on the CAC Crvenka when Ivy won again spot on the podium as R. BIS Puppy and mom Misty was this time the third BEST IN SHOW dog - 3rd BIS!!

Well done Siberian Lady girls!

I would like to thank Discworld kennel for pleasant company in New Marof. They also had a reason to celebrate, their female Honeybay won BOB and she represented her breed in Best in show ring.



23.05.2010 CACIB Umag

We participated in CACIB Umag, for us this was the first exhibition by the sea this year. Shade from trees  and proximity of the sea gave a special charm to this place.
Inya was first time shown in the puppy class where she won VP1, BOB Puppy by judge Otto Schimpf(A), and she was shortlisted for the selection of BIS Puppy by judge Colm Hastings (IRL).
This time we was at the show without our favorite photographer Nina Žubrinić, but my dad and Vala Liburnia team (Lorena and Saša) have made an effort so we didn't remain without pictures.


Dad, thank you for having fun with me, and for free ride to Umag ;-)!!



18.04.2010. CAC Đakovo

We used arrival of sunny weather to spend beautiful weekend with Inya's breeder and dear friends. At  CACIB Odžaci as visitors we kept fingers crossed for Inya's sister Ivy May Siberian Lady who won R.BIS baby, and for our best friend smooth collie Tia (Sandcastle's My Cup of Tea), who became new International Champion by winning her seventh CACIB.

On Sunday it was time for our presentation. We participated in CAC Đakovo where Inya won VP1 - best baby and once again she proved she belongs to the show ring.

news_odzaci1.jpg news_odzaci2.jpg

You can see more pictures in our shows gallery.



27 & 28.02.2010. - double CACIB Zagreb

We strated our show season, as well as Inya's show carrier in our home town Zagreb. We participated in double CACIB Zagreb. She got excellent description and compliments from two judges, 2x VP1 - best female baby and on Sunday she was short listed in BIS baby.

iii.jpg i.jpg iiiii.jpg

Well done Inya!



Gene test result for progressive retinal atrophy - PRA arrived from Policlinic "Moderna Dijagnostika" representatives of the company  Genomia.  

Our Inya has Xn/Xn genotype (females with two normal X chromosomes= normal phenotype, a healthy female) - CERTIFICATE



Inya has arrived

Dreams come true. Inya has arrived. This beauty is not a random choice, she arrived after a lot of planning and anticipation.

Inya's sire is Shadeteee's Hollywood Cowboy, he was imported to Siberian Lady kennel last year from USA, while Inya's mother Euro Ch Misty May of Siberian Lady doesn't need to be specially introduced to anyone who knows anything about huskies. Besides her excellent pedigree, Inya has most beautiful nature with which we are delighted.

inya1_th.jpg  inya3_th.jpg inya9_th.jpg

I would like to thank Mirjana Prpić, owner of Siberian Lady kennel for this beautiful young lady.