Boo Boo "Luppo"

Boo Boo

Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo

..impossible how only you could be, as soon as you close your eyes  we started to miss you
..thank you for all of our years together

RIP Luppo
29.10.2005 - 04.02.2019

After the departure of a longtime pet, Mogli the persian cat, I decided to try something completely different - a long desired Siberian Husky. Luppo arrived at our home in 2005. His likable exterior and impossible character that only husky can have immediately captured our hearts. Although he never became a champion in the show ring, he introduced me to dog showing and breeding world.

Today Luppo is neutered and retired from showing. He spends his days as a carefree pet with main preoccupation to transfer all of his knowledge about disappearing, digging, hunting mice and birds to his young friend Inya.

You can see more Luppo's photos in his gallery.

Boo Boo "Luppo"

reg.number:   HR 10316 SH (JR 73283 Sh)
breeder:   Ivo Dragičević, Dubrava, Prilike, Srbija
owner:   Nives Medunjanin
dob:   29.10.2005.
sex:   male - castrated
color:   black and white
eye color:   brown
height:   57 cm
weight:   25 kg
HD:   A
eyes:   PRA (progressive retinal atrophy)
normal homozygous - certifica
l3.jpg l1.jpg

Luppo - 6 years old

Vučko Amor Clark Vsetin
Lisa Del Girasole
Bisa "Bela Ogrlica" Anarion
Dona Asterix Dick-Tracy
Azra Aron
Snow Fox

Luppo's profile at Siberian Husky pedigree database.
Luppo's profile at Pawvillage pedigree database

luppo & ema1.jpg luppo i ema.jpg

our niece Ema & Luppo has grown up together - they are both born 2005. 

izl1.jpg izl.jpg
date show class judge result
03.09.2006. CAC Pula junior Vibor Ježek (HR) excellent, II.
16.09.2006. Spec.Gradiška junior Sanja Momčilović Vreteničić (MNE) excellent, I.
16.09.2006. CACIB Gradiška junior Zoran Čikić (BIH) excellent, I., PRM
17.09.2006. CACIB Osijek junior Dušan Paunović (SRB) very good, I.
10.12.2006. CAC Celje junior Darko Korošec (SLO) excellent, II.
25.02.2007. CAC Celje intermedia Heidi Kirschbichler (A) very good, II.
03.03.2007. CACIB Zagreb intermedia Zlatko Kraljić (HR) very good, IV.
04.03.2007. CACIB Zagreb intermedia Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonnen (FIN) very good, IV.
28.04.2007. CACIB Zadar intermedia Norman Deschuymere (B) very good, II.
29.04.2007. CACIB Zadar intermedia Rajko Rotner (SLO) excellent, III.
20.05.2007. CAC Novi Marof intermedia Tino Pehar (HR) very good, I.
02.09.2007. CAC Županja intermedia Vibor Ježek (HR) excellent, I., CAC
14.10.2007. CAC Maribor intermedia Darko Korošec (SLO) excellent, I.
27.04.2008. CAC Đakovo open Sunčica Lazić (SRB) excellent, III.
01.06.2008. CAC Velika Gorica open Nataša Blanuša (HR) excellent, I., CAC
08.06.2008. CAC Koprivnica open Blaž Kavčič (SLO) excellent, I., CAC

ja stara.jpgja stara1.jpg

Working success:

date Working event
category result
21-23.09.2012. XVII. International Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti cani cross woman
4th place
with Nives Medunjanin
20-22.09.2013. XVIII. International Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti cani cross woman 8th place
with Nives Medunjanin
05.10.2013. 7th Charity race for dogs and their owners "No Surrender" cani cross woman 2nd place
with Nives Medunjanin
19-21.09.2014. XIX. International Sleddog Meeting Dunaharaszti cani cross woman 11th place 
with Nives Medunjanin

baby Luppo

mali luppo.jpg luppo mali.jpg