Inyabu Cataleya "Leya"

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d.o.b. 05.04.2021.

Inyabu Cataleya, was named after a beautiful flower from the orchid family, but her friends call her "Leya". Although we waited a long time for a puppy of those bloodlines, due to too many obligations around our children who are still small and require our attention, we decided to give her to the Radaković family as co-ownership.

Dunja and Nea already had a dog from our breeding, Inyabu Raksha, who tragically passed away at the age of one year, leaving a big void in their hearts, which Leya is filling little by little. In addition to Leya, their family has grown with another child, little Leona, who will take her first steps with a lot of Leya's wet kisses. In Leya's pack, there is also one veteran, Linda, a German shepherd who stoically tolerates Leya's playfulness, and with her stability is an excellent role model for the young dog.

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It all started as a wonderful dream. At her first show, Leya charmed the judges and won the BIS baby title. Very quickly after that, she became the New Hope of Croatia. Unfortunately, as with Raksha, we were not lucky this time either.

Due to the carelessness of the co-owner, Leya escaped from the unfenced yard and was hit by a car. She suffered major injuries to her rear end. The tail and pelvis were broken into several pieces. With the selfless support and knowledge of the Vet Point veterinary clinic, Leya's tail was amputated and her pelvis was reconstructed. She will live.. After recovery, she will be able to walk and run a bit. Although we will never be able to use her for breeding, we are grateful for the new opportunity to see her happy on walks.

JCH, CH Poland
Snoebear's Secret Agent
Innisfree's Arctic Ranger
Innisfree's Fire Starter
Innisfree's Hailey
Davik's True North
Coventry's Peace Negotiator
Davik's Have A Nice Day
CH, BISS, R.BIS winner
T-Lesark Ombrellia
JCH Russia, CH Russia
T-Lesark Magnet Soul
Multi CH, JCH, BIS
T-Lesark Amulet Desire
T-Lesark Baltic Safita
JCH, CH, Working CH
Butterfly Vanessa of Poliarine Arktika
CH Can, CH USA, Int.CH
Snowmist's Uriah Heep Arktika
Int., Estonia, Latvia Ch
Chispa De Mallorca Of Arktika

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Dog show success:

show date
class judge result
CACIB Varaždin 10.07.2021. baby
Franjo Kovačev (HR)
Brigita Kremser (SLO)
VP. I.
BIS Baby
CACIB Karlovac 16.10.2021. puppy Slavoljub Andrić (SRB)
Luis Catalan (PT)
VP, I.
shortlisted in Puppy BIS
CACIB Karlovac 17.10.2021. puppy Cristian Stefanescu (RO)
Tijana Konrad (SRB)
VP, I.
shortlisted in Puppy BIS

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leya pokret klemen pokretizrezani.jpg

baby Leya

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