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Although I would love to leave this page blank, with only a brief explanation: "We are still looking for words", it's probably  best just to start and the words will come by themselves. :-)

After the departure of a longtime pet, Mogli the persian cat, I decided to try something completely different - a long desired Siberian Husky.
Luppo, our first husky,  came to our home in 2005. He was purchased from the backyard breeder and his pedigree arrived with a big delay, after we already lost hope of ever seeing it. Luppo came as a frightened puppy, full of parasites, inadequatly immunized, with frequent health problems. Although many people warned me to choose carefully from whom  I buy a dog, as many beginners I believed that because he was registered he must be a "show dog". To make matters worse, at that time I even had a chance to buy a great puppy  for a slightly higher price that would come only15 days later. I thought in my head... Luppo will arrive immediately, I will pay less, and that quality puppy I have to wait another 15 days. Ufff it seemed like eternity :-)

I think EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. These four years spent with Luppo have opened to me the door to the world of huskies that I love. I have met many wonderful people, world of dog shows, husky temperament, I began to study the breeding lines and as a result the Husky Pedigree Database was created. I also maintained Luppo's web site, which was designed to help future owners find their own husky puppy or to rescue an older husky, and prepare them for all the crazy things that their huskies could do.  I was the initiator and one of the organizers of the first special show for V FCI group in Croatia. None of this would have happened if Luppo wasn't in my life.

As a frequent dog shows visitor, I noticed I was always attracted to huskies from the same kennel. These were Siberian Lady dogs. Then she appeared in the ring - Misty May of Siberian Lady...her beauty was unreal.


My enthusiasm for her and other Siberian Lady huskies was even greater after a visit to this  kennel. I decided I want my own Siberian Lady husky. This decision was not easy to realize because the waiting list for their puppies was very long. In the beginning of 2010 our wish was fulfilled and we became richer for one family member - Misty's daughter Inya June of Siberian Lady. There are no words I could use to describe her... the perfect start.

With her arrival we registered our own kennel - Inyabu. The name was conceived as a derivative of the two names - Inya & Boo Boo (Luppo's official name). When I typed this name in Google, I was delighted - word Inyabu means cat!:) This name fully corresponds to our huskies, because cat is as independent as Luppo, and as cuddly and beautiful as Inya.

We are a small kennel that is going to wait some longer time for our first offspring, but it doesn't matter, we are not in a hurry.  Finally I could write - like every other responsible breeders - that our goal is to produce healthy puppies from great bloodlines with a great temperament. We will achieve our goal once we get our offspring to be as good as Inya... and when we make someone's dreams come true with an Inyabu Siberian Husky.

Have a nice time at our web site!

Nives and huskies
Zagreb, 9 Feb 2010